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Cube Houses. Close to the Old Harbour and a stone's throw away from the Central Library, overlooking the weekly market, the thirty-eight cube houses provide an extraordinary variety due to the tilted impression made by the construction. The cube house has three floors with a living area of 100 square metres, with the third floor sometimes.

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The yellow Cube Houses still form one of the main tourist attractions of Rotterdam. The artictect Piet Blom designed the 'forest' of 38 Cube Houses. The houses are built as a bridge over the busy street Blaak. The Cube Houses exists of a overturned wooden cube that with one point is lying on a concrete hexagon core.

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The Cube Houses in Rotterdam were designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom in the late 1970s. He'd already designed similar cube houses in neighbouring Helmond, and the Rotterdam council decided they wanted some too. But not brown ones, this is Rotterdam after all, they needed to stand out, so yellow it was..

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Consider some of the distinct characteristics of the Cube Houses. 1. Abstract shape: With a total of 38 cubic homes and two larger cubes called "super cubes," the Cube Houses of Rotterdam form a distinct canopy of geometrical shapes. The walls of each cube are angled at 54.7 degrees, creating a surreal visual effect from the inside and out.

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The Kijk-Kubus Museum-house is a fully decorated cube-house in Rotterdam. By means of especially designed and custom built furniture, the visitor is getting a good impression of how one can live in such a remarkable house with slanted walls and odd shapes. Screens, info-panels and a maquette inform the visitor about the architect (ure) and.

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The tilted cube houses in Rotterdam are world famous and are designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom. The cubes are apartments, but there is one cube open for visitors. This show-cube gives a good impression of how one can live in such a squared house. If you want to buy a cube house, below is a typical advertisement from the estate agent:

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The Yellow Cube Houses of Rotterdam: A Useful Guide (2023) by Laura Meyers 24 September 2023. Rotterdam is one of the best cities to visit in the Netherlands, and its yellow cube houses ("Kubuswoningen" in Dutch) are one of this city's most iconic sights. When it comes to architecture, Rotterdam is known to be pretty modern, and the.

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Completed in 1984 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.. The cube houses above are each supported by a hexagonal pylon that was constructed by joining three concrete pillars with six cellular brick.

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The Cube Houses were designed by the Dutch architect Piet Boom, and built in Rotterdam back in 1977. He already experimented a bit with a similar architecture in a Dutch town of Helmond. However, when he was asked by Rotterdam's urbanistic planners to create a residential architecture that's going to connect two small parts of the land on.

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam Culture tourist

Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen) Tours and Tickets. 493 reviews. Even in a city with lots of out-of-the-ordinary architecture, Rotterdam's Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen manage to stand out from the crowd. Designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom and built in the early 1980s, these yellow-and-gray cubic houses are perched at a 45-degree-angle, creating.

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The middle level houses the sleeping and bathing area, and the highest level is a spare area used either as a second bedroom or another living area. More On The Curious Cubic Houses Of Rotterdam Completing the tilted design, the walls and windows are all angled at 54.7 degrees, providing excellent views of the surrounding area.

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The cube houses in Rotterdam viewed from Blaak metro station. Cube houses (Dutch: kubuswoningen) are a set of innovative houses built in Helmond and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, designed by architect Piet Blom and based on the concept of "living as an urban roof": high density housing with sufficient space on the ground level, since its main purpose is to optimise the space inside.

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Rotterdam's famed Cube Houses were designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom during the 1970s to counteract the allegedly detrimental effects of the city's utilitarian urban layout. Unlike other post-World War II buildings in Rotterdam, the cubes were deliberately created to foster social cohesion and replicate a village-like ambience. Despite their peculiar appearance, the Cube Houses are.

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Designed in the 1970s by architect Piet Blom, the Cube Houses are one of Rotterdam's most popular tourist attractions. These striking homes are, as the name suggests, cubes tilted 45-degrees on their side with the idea of making the most of all available space. They were built very much with the community in mind, with Blom wanting to create.

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The famous Cube Houses (1982-1984) connect the Oude Haven (Old Harbor) and the Blaak areas in Rotterdam. The 51 iconic Cubic Houses (kubushuizen) in Rotterdam are by architect Piet Blom. With 38 actual Cubic Houses between 13 Company Cubes. Each Cube House is approximately 100 m 2 with three floors inside. Behind the front door a staircase.

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Visit the Cube Houses, Rotterdam. June 9, 2020. Some cities have certain buildings or landmarks that are instantly recognisable and remind you of certain places. This is certainly the case with the cube houses in Rotterdam, with their unique architecture and signature yellow decor. Rotterdam is a city that suffered greatly in the Second World War.